by MotherhoodUnstuck

I take women from overwhelmed and stretched thin to present and connected...

Achieving balance is not just another "self-care thing"
... It is a necessity!

That is where I come in.

As a psychologist who understands how important your journey through motherhood is and has used Mindfulness extensively in practice, I am here to support you in living a more intentional life, becoming more present & connected so you can show up for your family even when you are super busy scaling to success.

As a coach, I mentor mothers, like yourself, to be the mom you want to be without losing sight of yourself in the process.

What Other's Have Said:

This has been an enriching experience for me as an individual and it has poured over into the lives of my husband and children. I have been able to be present and find direction in aspects of my life where I have felt stuck. It will be an ongoing process but I feel hopeful and empowered. Diante is real and unscripted and this allowed me to fully engage with the process. I cant believe I ever doubted starting.
Speech & Language Therapist
Diante has a bubbly personality and she is easy to get on with. I love how she could absolutely relate to my situations & had brilliant strategies for me to follow to better myself. I understand myself better now, realise nothing is permanent and everything can change. I am way more relaxed with myself – giving myself credit for the amazing job I am actually doing.
Business Owner - All n All Cleaning

3 ways to work with me:

achieving balance

Back to Balance: Mindfulness for Busy Moms

A powerful video series designed specifically for busy moms that takes you from stretched thin, irritable and all over the place to focussed, calm, and present. Now you can be the mom you dream of being...even when you are super busy

This affordable course is a MUST in taking those first steps to truly attaining work life balance

Balanced Life Academy

A 6 week transformational group coaching program that will change life as you know it as a working mother. 

Receive 6 live coaching calls and a training program to:

  • Completely re-invent your relationship with time so that you are in complete control (and feel like you have oodles of it)
  • Re-inspire your relationship with your kids so that you are that fun, spontaneous and energetic mom. All. The Time.
  • Dive deep with your connection with your partner: sort out the communication issues, division of labour and even spark up your libido
  • Engage a complete transformation of your understanding of yourself as a mother. Let go of old musty beliefs that keep up your mom-guilt and step into your role as a powerful, successful nurturer of your family. 

Get Unstuck 1:1 Coaching

It is time to invest in yourself, Mama.

Get guidance in all that is holding you back from being the best version of you: At home. In business. With your partner. With your kids. For yourself.

1:1 Coaching is powerful way of holding yourself accountable so you can finally make the changes that you know you have been meaning to make.

Connect with me using the button below to find out how this could serve you. No obligations. No selling. I promise!


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