by MotherhoodUnstuck


My name is Diante, a Clinical Psychologist, Qualified Wellness Coach, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend and Flawed Human Being.

I see you,

Being the CEO of all things: home, family AND career related!

It can leave you feeling overwhelmed, depleted, stretched thin and irritable. You begin to feel like you’re failing as a mother - always “too busy”, snapping at the kids - And then feel guilty for wanting time away, for yourself. There doesn't seem to be a healthy balance.

It is my passion to support moms in becoming unstuck.

I know this struggle, it was mine too. I wanted to raise a family, but I did not want to give up on my dreams and I was determined to find a way to have them both. To find the balance we all needed

I struggled with my own depression, burn out and overwhelm when I returned to focus on my career. And even more when we immigrated and I worked 40+ hour weeks. 

Feeling this way is awful… It strips you of your joy and no-one benefits from you being stretched thin.

Through my psychology practice, Mindfulness and the privilege of working with both new and experienced mothers who were struggling with transition in motherhood I have come to learn that:

A Happy Mom Is A Good Mom. 

Work-Life balance is not just another self-care thing – it is necessary to your wellbeing.

I now enjoy a full-time business, 2 happy children and a blissful love affair with my husband. We are balanced, present and connected.

I want the same for you!


Join me in becoming unstuck.

Diante is a clinical psychologist and wellness coach. As a business owner and career mom of 2 young children, she helps working mothers find the balance between their professional goals and motherhood so that they can, unapologetically, pursue their dreams while continuing to be awesome, kick-ass mothers. 


Using the Work-Life Balance Trifecta, Diante empowers the mothers she works with to gain control of their time, become more present and connected while owning their unique gifts as mothers so that they can feel good about the way they show up in business and in parenting. 


She has helped many working mothers achieve real and lasting balance through a combination of mindset shifts, mindful parenting and intentional living that also spills over into the success of their professional lives and businesses. 


When she is not running her full-time business or being present and available with her children, you will find her spending quality time with her husband as they sneak quality time lunches (with uninterrupted conversation). In her alone time she is often caught dreaming about travel, buying books she endeavours to read or enjoying a glass of wine with a friend.

Here’s what makes Diante qualified to support you:

  • Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology (M.A. Clin. Psych.)
  • 11 years experience as a practicing psychologist working with women and mothers
  • Coach Training Certification from Coach Training Edu (an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited program)