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The Power of An Intentional Mother

by MotherhoodUnstuck

The Power of an Intentional Mom

If you have been following me for a while, you will know I have been harping on about intention setting lately. Well, I want to share the power of intention… The power of being an intentional mom.

What is Intention Setting, Anyway?

Setting intentions is simply the act of writing two to three ways you want to be for the day. You are literally setting your intention to show up in a particular way. The art of intention setting is to write the intention as if it already is.

So, for example, you want to be a patient mother today? Then set your intention “I am a patient mother”. You want to have more focus or energy? Then set the intention “I am focussed”, “I have energy”.

Now this may seem simple and maybe a little silly to some, but let me tell you it is so powerful. Setting those intentions in the morning creates a sort of “true north” for your day. I often find myself reminded of my intentions throughout the day and then re-route myself to live accordingly.

For example when I have aimed to work from home and my kids are around. I will set the intention ” I am a present and available mother”. Later, when they are trying to get my attention and I am feeling irritable because I feel they may be interrupting my work… I simply remember the intention and redirect myself.

Being an Intentional Mother

But intentional living goes beyond simply setting intentions (although they are powerful in and of themselves).Being intentional means being deliberate, conscious and calculated with your actions.

So the power of being an intentional mom is about being just that – deliberate and conscious with our kids, our time, our energy.

What does this mean?

Well, how many times have you caught yourself aimlessly scrolling social media because you are waiting for something? Or perhaps you have been asked (for the 5th time) to play this game and you do it, but you’re definitely on autopilot mode. What about watching TV with the kids, but you’re distracted and on your phone?

The examples are plentiful, I am sure.

When we are intentional – then we are directing our energy in an intentional way. Instead of scrolling social media aimlessly, do it with purpose – find a good reason to be doing so and label it as such. Or better yet, put the phone down and have a conversation with your kiddo or partner.

When you have to muster the energy for the 5th time of playing that game – intentionally direct your energy toward your child’s reaction, squeeze in an extra cuddle, notice their joy. The intention behind why you do it adds the shine and makes it so much more enjoyable for you… And your child.

And when you have to watch Moana for the 100th time, be intentional about it – use the time for a cuddle on the couch. Better yet, try see if you can finally sing all the words to “You’re Welcome” without error.

Three Easy Ways to Be an Intentional Mother

1. Find the Pause
Just stop yourself every now and then and pause. Notice yourself and what you are doing and ask yourself whether this is, indeed, how you wish to be in this moment. Finding a pause gives you time to turn something reactive into something responsive. The more you pause, the more intentional you can become

2. Give Those Cuddles
Find moments to deliberately connect with your kids (or partner). Give them a hug and just spend that moment being deliberate with the cuddle – lean into it and truly savour it. It takes a minute, at most, and leaves both you and your kids with an overflow of Oxytocin (the feel good hormone)

3. Get Clear On How You Want To Show Up
Think about your parenting style and identify what works and what is missing for you. Pick only three characteristics you would like more of and set intentions each day to show up in that manner. Some ideas include
Being Spontaneous
Being fun
Being patient
Being attuned
Being kind
Being affectionate
Being patient
Being energetic
and so so many more 🙂

The Power of An Intentional Mom

You see, we are so busy these days juggling all the balls and being everything to everyone that it is difficult to remain present and connected. We can start to feel all over the place and our kids notice it too.

Overwhelm quickly seeps in when we feel stretched thin. We lose sight of the moments that are filled with joy or the time we were just relaxing (but didn’t notice because we didn’t do it intentionally)

So when you get intentional – not only about how you want to show up, but also with how you spend your time – you begin to notice. You notice the moments you may have missed. Time feels more abundant because you are intentional with it. And most importantly, your kids benefit from a present mother.

Notice how good it feels to be showing up intentionally. And when we feel good as mothers, we can literally move mountains – in business, in personal endeavours and in our families.

Interested in setting your own intentions but don’t now where to start?

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