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Where becoming an intentional, mindful working mother is the goal: Pursue your dreams AND be a Kick-ass mother!

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You love being a mom but you also want more?

Well then you are in the RIGHT PLACE…

Sometimes it can feel impossible to be both: An available & present mother AND a successful working woman.

Trying to juggle all the balls can become overwhelming, exhausting and totally stuck!

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

It's Time To Finally...

Gain control of your time

and never say "There is not enough time" again

Know your value

and feel awesome about how you parent

Be present

and stop feeling distracted, irritable, impatient

Discover yourself

your dreams, your potential and the woman beyond the mom


scale to success without the guilt because you are able to "have it all"

Hi, I am Diante


 I am here to support moms who want to confidently follow their dreams AND continue to be the mother they dream of being. 

Whether returning to a career you once had, or building the business of your dreams – I help mothers navigate the balance so that they don’t have to choose between the happy family or the fulfilling dreams –  

You can have BOTH!

Building two businesses and raising a happy little family have  taught me that when you know the right strategies you can, ABSOLUTELY, make it happen.

That’s what I want to share with you…

  • No more saying “Not now, mommy is busy” 
  • No more feeling exhausted and overwhelmed 
  • No more being distracted and impatient 
  • Have time for yourself, your business AND your kiddos
  • Be the fun and available mother you dream of being
  • Scale to your success with confidence and energy

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